When To Scarify Your Lawn


Scarifying your lawn, whether you are doing it for thatch or moss, this procedure has long-term benefits. Though the lawn will recover, and be better than it was before, getting there is the ultimate objective. Most people do their best scarifying their lawns, but the majority do it at the wrong time of the year if not, during poor conditions. Your lawn will remain sore for weeks, and you may also cause damage to healthy grass plants thereby worsening the problem.

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You need to time your program according to the ability of your lawn to recover. In essence, you need to time warm, rain and run while avoiding cold, heat or drought. In simple words, you need a good growing condition for you to scarify your lawn.

Spring- Light-Scarifying

Spring means sometime in April and during this time, light scarifying and moss removal can be done on your lawn. A just time when things start to warm up as this is conducive or the warmth will increase the growth and recovery rate before the heat and dryness of summer slow things down. Scarifying in autumn will be late, but you can scarify in late August or early September just before the rains start and the cold sets in.

Autumn-Heavy Scarifying

If you want to do heavy moss infestation or thatching, you better stick to the autumn season. Why? Heavy scarifying is going to thin the lawhvb33p;led0uj3n leaving the soil exposed. This will not only make your lawn ideal seed bed for over seeding with new and
improved grass seed but for grass weed seeds and weed floating around as well. If you confine this treatment in autumn, you will avoid the bulk of the year’s seed weeds. If you do heavy scarifying in spring, you will replace thatch or moss problem with the weed problem.

There a few exceptions when spring scarifying is worth
Better scarify in spring if you were unable to do it in autumn perhaps due to bad weather than put it off. Waiting for autumn to autumn mean you will have a bigger problem rather than dealing with few weeds. This among few other exceptions makes it ideal to light-scarify our lawn during spring.