SW Technologies for Workplace Injury Solutions


Workplace injuries could cause permanent physical and psychological damage. They could also be so financially draining leaving you in bankruptcy. These injuries can be prevented by adopting digital, practical and affordable solutions. The Guardian Health and Safety Software helps organizations to monitor the health and safety issues. Whether it is a power production or manufacturing industry,  SW & Technologies provides solutions that make it possible to avoid such injuries altogether.

It has been creating safety programs for more than two decades providing high quality and user-friendly solutions for all customers. Their aim is to make the facility more conducive to working with fewer health hazards.

The software is also flexible and responsive. They are easy to learn and integrated into the existing plant structure too. For that reason, they have over hundred thousand users. Tech and customer support is what’s more made available to users ensuring efficiency.

The software include

Health and safety management software

This software makes it more efficient to manage inspections. This is by keeping records on the observations on klklklklklkbehavior checks on workplace conditions and audits made in the workplace. Some of the features include audio recording and decoding and taking pictures. It is also able to keep and manage a lot of data on the company.

Behavior management software improves the entire process hence minimizing the probability of an accident in the workplace. It also records what the industry is saving in terms of time and expenditure.

Radiological survey software

The software records information on hazards including radiation in your premises as per the recommended standards. The survey report is stored and can be distributed to the staff automatically. It also allows for data comparisons and it can be integrated with other software systems.

Imaging security software system

This enables users to have access to the facility’s map and images during an emergency and maintenance. It also gives access to the components of the plant. This enables you to access what you need in the plant as well as to respond fast when there is an emergency.

Radiation and hazard monitoring software

bbbbgygygtThis software makes it easier to monitor the staff’s exposure to risks. This can be done remotely too. Additionally, the data on radiation can be archived and accessed any time to prove the plan’s adherence to the safety standards

http://www.swtechnologies.com solutions are created from an analysis of the problem the client is experiencing. They are therefore customized and able to make work easier and safer for the staff. This allows then to save so much on monitoring and maintaining the plant’s safety as well as recording and archiving data. Users can have a demonstration of the software to get a better insight on how it works before they acquire it.