4 Top Ways on How to Build a Good Relationship with your Teenagers


In the modern times, most parents are facing a lot of problems as they try to build a good relationship with their teenagers. This has been brought about by the changes happening in the society in terms of technology, culture and expectations among the parents and their teens. Life in the modern days is bringing new challenges that require parents and teenagers to have a strong relationship despite these changes. To help you in the process, here are a few tips on how to build a good relationship with your teenagers.

Here are some tips

Have healthy interaction

It is good to ensure you take part in family 7j65hinteractions to maintain the good rapport required for good communication. You should attend their school activities, taking walks together, playing sports together and sharing meals together. Joining together while undertaking these activities help in building strong relationships with your teenagers. You need to note that teenagers might not feel comfortable starting a serious conversation, but might be willing to talk as they get engaged in other activities or sharing experiences. By taking part in your teenagers’ world, you get aware of their friendship patterns, dating dynamics and cultural shifts.

Communicate effectively

One of the major problem affecting relationships among parents and teenagers relationship is the lack of effective communication. Teenagers will not disclose big issues facing their lives in a safe manner if they cannot share little things. Make sure you pay attention when they share mundane things of their daily life. By doing this, you encourage them to share their struggles or ask for assistance when they require it. The most important thing is to give your teens enough opportunity to express themselves freely and show them you are concerned about the issues they raise.

Act as a role model

6u5y4The best ways for teenagers to learn how to have healthy interactions is treating them in a healthy manner. Ensure you keep a positive attitude, recognize good experiences, be ready to apologize and be the respectable person that you would like them to be. Teach them the skills on how to manage stress, ways to respond to issues affecting their lives and other conflict resolution strategies. Hold yourself to similarly high standards you want them to develop.

Give them free time

Teenagers like being given free time to do what they enjoy doing. So, it is important to ensure you give them an opportunity to interact with their friends, get involved in their hobbies and others. However, make sure you guide them on healthy ways to do all these activities.